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Bearbrook Combined School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Our school empowers all to achieve and flourish on their journey to outstanding.



At Bearbrook we welcome you with open arms where an exciting adventure awaits. We are part of your journey and will help to open your mind to endless opportunities. As we take our next steps together, we stand beside you and offer a guiding hand. Sometimes you hold on tight, sometimes you will let go but our hand is always there.



All members of our school community are expected to promote and uphold the values. They are integral to creating a culture that support all on their journey to outstanding.              

Behaviour Values

  • At Bearbrook we strive to meet the needs of all pupils by:
  • Creating a vibrant, exciting school and Pre-school where children enjoy their education and make good progress in a stimulating environment.
  • Developing the whole child through their creativity and diversity.
  • Supporting children to grow into confident, happy, independent life-long learners who can function as successful members of the community.
  • Having high expectations of behaviour and attitudes to learning so that they are ready to learn, respectful at all times and as a result feel safe.


At Bearbrook our behaviour values are:




Bearbrook support and actively promote