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Curriculum Intent

Computing at Bearbrook intends to develop forward thinkers through a relevant and engaging education in computing. We aim to equip our children with computing skills that will allow them to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology whilst also empowering them to communicate their ideas and personalities through a variety of mediums. We also aim to ensure they recognise the importance of finding a balance of technology in their everyday lives and that there are advantages and disadvantages connected with online experiences. We want to grow responsible, respectful and self-assured members of an expanding community of technology users.

Curriciulum Implementation

Computing at Bearbrook is integrated into the curriculum and is delivered by class teachers and supporting staff. Children are able to use ICT to aid their learning, produce work and build skills that will assist them during their everyday lives.  


Children at Bearbrook begin their technological journey as early as Pre-School, where the children are introduced to the concept of E-Safety as we feel it is important to arm them with the knowledge they will need to protect themselves online and familiarise them with situations they might experience. Children are then taught internet safety throughout every year of their Bearbrook journey. Alongside this the children begin to develop skills on tablets and keep learning journals on other devices too.


Moving into KS1, the children develop their skills on iPads further where they are allowed to explore a variety of applications that assist their learning such as Times Table Rockstars which we have found helps children to learn whilst creating a fun and competitive environment.  The children are also introduced to BeeBots and learn how to programme a BeeBot to reach a desired destination and start figuring ways of debugging something when it doesn’t work how it should. Progressing into KS2, the children will start to use ICT to produce pieces of work using a range of applications and programmes enabling them to become more fluent and proficient at using these tools to create authentic outcomes that they can be proud of.


As a school we use a range of tools to assist children with their studies. One of these is Lexia Core5 reading which is an adaptive learning program that aims to accelerate the development of Literacy skills for pupils of all abilities.

To ensure that children are respectful and safe online to themselves and others, at the beginning of the year children agree to use ICT in accordance with the schools Acceptable Use Agreement and understands that the use of ICT at school is designed to help them.