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Keeping our Children Safe, Happy and Cared for


At Bearbrook Combined School, Pre-school and Early Years Excellence Centre all Staff and Governors passionately believe in the important of keeping all children safe, healthy and happy by contributing to:

  • Providing a safe environment for children to learn.

  • Identifying children who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm and taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure they are kept safe, both at home and in the education setting.

  • Working in partnership with parents and families.


To achieve this objective we will:

  •  Listen to our children and take seriously what they tell us;

  •  Prevent unsuitable people working with children through rigorous safer recruitment;

  •  Ensure that every stakeholder and all personnel working in or around the school at any time, are fully conversant with safeguarding procedures;

  • Promote safe practice and challenge poor and unsafe practice;

  • Identify instances in which there are grounds for concern about a child’s welfare, and initiate or take appropriate action to keep them safe;

  • Contribute to effective partnership working between all those involved with providing services for our children.


The Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Team has laid down the procedures, which we follow, and the school adopts a Child Protection Policy in line with this for the safety of all.  


If you want to know more about our procedures or policies, please speak to the headteacher or designated persons listed below:

  • Marcus Faulkner – Headteacher (Bearbrook Combined School and Pre-school, Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Emma Wixted – Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person (Bearbrook Combined School)
  • Sue Roberts - Family Liaison & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person (Bearbrook Combined School) 
  • Shahara Taylor - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person (Bearbrook Pre-School)


Contact Details: 01296 488331 or