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Curriculum Intent

We believe Maths is achievable for all.   The core purpose of Maths at Bearbrook is prepare pupils for the wider world so they are able to solve problems, reason, think logically and work systematically and accurately.


We have high expectations and encourage a positive ‘can do’ mindset towards maths in all pupils. This is achieved by creating learning experiences which develop children’s resilience in the face of challenge and carefully scaffolded learning, so everyone can make progress.


With the right teaching, support and growth mindset, all pupils can enjoy Maths and experience success in the subject.


Curriculum Implementation

We follow White Rose as a teaching sequence for delivering our Maths lessons. This will mainly be supplemented by PiXL resources, the NCETM teaching spines and Power Maths. 


Lessons are taught using the Maths Mastery approach and include discussions, questioning, a variety of fun maths activities and demonstrations of concepts. Learning is broken down into small, connected steps, building from what pupils already know.



Teachers have high expectations of all children, there is no limit to learning. Appropriate support and challenge should be provided to enable children to feel success within the lesson.  Children are taught in mixed ability groupings. All children move through the same content at the same time. Differentiation happens by providing opportunities to explore concepts in greater depth and apply understanding to different situations.


Every lesson involves opportunities for children to talk to each other and the teacher about ideas. Sentence stems should be visible and referred to throughout the lesson. Children should be encouraged to answer in full sentences and explain their thinking using correct mathematical vocabulary.


All year groups have a mental arithmetic lesson each week. This will include times tables (cracking times tables, marathon mile etc) for Years 2-6.  Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRF) sheets are sent home each half term these may include. The TT Rockstar programme is used to set battles across the school.


If you would like to learn more about Bearbrook Combined's Mastery Approach see the document below: