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Head and Deputy Boy and Girl

Each year we select Year 6 pupils to be Head and Deputy Boy and Girl to represent the school.  Students are asked to complete applications giving their reasons why they would be suitable for the position.  

They will involved in many aspects of the school over the course of the year.

They are seen as very important role models for the rest of the children and are responsible for representing the voice of the children.

House Captains

We have 4 houses: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. 8 pupils from Y6 are selected to represent the houses. 


The Captains are seen as very important role models for the rest of the children and are responsible for representing the voice of the children in their house.

During inter-school competitions they are responsible for helping to organise and arranging them. They are also, responsible for the members of their house during competitions. Every week in assembly house points are up dated by the Captains and it is displayed in the school hall.



A selection of pupils from Y6 have been awarded the privilege of being a prefect. They were pupils who applied for the position of Head boy/girl and were not successful. During the process they displayed the qualities required to be a good role model. They perform a range of duties around the school where they are helping other children or adults.


Pupil Voice

At Bearbrook we believe that it is essential to ensure that the children feel that they have ownership, are valued and are actively involved in the future developments of the school. To ensure that this happens we have a pupil voice group who are elected by the children to be either school council or  eco- council. 


They meet on a regular basis to discuss the current project, complete a piece of collaborative work or raise current issues and concerns. 


There is one School Council and Eco council representative elected from each class (Y2 - Y6).  


School Council

The school council representative is responsible for taking ideas and information to their class from meetings and from their class to meetings. They are good role models to other children by demonstrating how to follow our values and promote our ethos - nurture, inspire and achieve.


Eco-School Council

Green issues are very important to us at Bearbrook. We have a very active Eco-School council and currently hold an Eco-Schools bronze award. They are keen to promote green issues across the school and contribute to ensuring that we helping to look after the environment. 

Members of the Eco-Council tidy up outside, collect compost, walk and bike to school as much as  they can to help reduce our carbon footprint. They are regularly involved in school clean ups by helping the Head Boy and Head Girl. 


Every year we have an Environmental Week, where we learn about the three R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We look forward to this coming up in the near future.


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