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Reading at Bearbrook

If you have any questions regarding reading at Bearbrook please speak to Vanessa Burgess (Lead Learner) on 01296 488331 or email

Curriculum Intent

At Bearbrook we are a community of readers, authors and lifelong learners.  We believe that all children have the right to experience a broad range of exciting, fun and stimulating texts which foster a love of the world of literature. Books should open the world to our children, creating inspiration and enabling critical and reflective thinking and a gaining of knowledge.  


We understand that children deserve to read books where they find themselves reflected; books that show them that they are not alone; books that help them feel they belong; books that help them understand themselves and others; books that build community; books that help to foster well-being and empathy and books that open up other worlds (both real and imagined) to them.


Our children will leave Bearbrook with the skills needed to read fluently with confidence and understanding, appropriately equipped to take a full and active role in society, knowing that books can have both magical and transformative powers enabling us to see our world in a different way as well as opening doorways to further exploration. 


Boom Reader




At Bearbrook we use BoomReader to log the children’s reading in school and at home. This digital reading record is an excellent tool to enable improved communication around reading and an efficient way to monitor reading habits across the school.