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At Bearbrook children will have the ability to consider different points of view, negotiate and resolve conflict through the use of diplomacy and be able to explain their own beliefs to others in an articulate and effective way.

The development of religious literacy provides a way of understanding and appreciating the diversity of beliefs in the world and our local community, and how different faiths influence different cultures. It is a way of helping pupils develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and how different world views can contribute to a better world.


As pupils develop their religious literacy, they will better comprehend the challenges and opportunities of living in a multi-faith society, and how different religious and non-religious worldviews impact on one another. Within the classroom, pupils will be able to understand how beliefs and values shape the way people think and act, and contribute to the development of understanding and respect for different cultures and ways of life.


By developing their religious literacy, pupils will have the capacity to think, reflect, and understand the complexities of the world they live in. They will be able to navigate different religious and cultural contexts with respect and understanding, and be able to engage in meaningful dialogue with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.


This will be invaluable to them in their future lives, as they will be able to make informed decisions and take part in global dialogue and understanding. Ultimately, pupils will leave Beabrook with the ability to understand the world they live in by developing their religious literacy, and the capacity to make sense of their own and others’ experience, beliefs and values.