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Behaviour In School

This is the opening page of Bearbrook School's Behaviour Management Policy



Our key purpose is to ensure the safety and success of all our pupils. In order to teach personal discipline and responsibility, we have in place a range of interventions to support children, develop positive relationships and promote personal self-discipline. Children and adults are responsible and accountable for their own behaviour. Pupils’ positive attitudes to learning and conduct in lessons and around the school positively impact on achievement. High expectations of staff and pupils make a positive contribution. Regardless of the starting point of individual children high standards of behaviour will be expected and promoted consistently by all adults and at all times. At Bearbrook we know that restorative practice for more challenging behaviour works. We also recognise that minor issues can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently by refocusing children on their learning.

Shared Values
Our shared values ripple through our daily practice. Everyone at Bearbrook will be treated with unconditional respect. Everyone at Bearbrook has the right to learn freed from bullying and harassment that may include cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to special educational need, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability.

All members of staff will hold the highest expectations modelling the behaviour we expect from the children. This also extends to any visitor coming into our school. Positive and productive relationships with children are central to outstanding behaviour management. Adults take the lead with children who struggle to maintain positive relationships.

At Bearbrook good behaviour is the expectation and not the exception. We acknowledge good behaviour as our ‘default setting’ and minimum standard. We promote in our children a sense of self-discipline rather than blind obedience and expect that children behave consistently whilst in school.

Adults manage and influence behaviour; children are responsible for the choices they make.

Our school vision and values
Our behaviour policy will promote and underpin our vision that Bearbrook Combined School:

At Bearbrook we work together as a school community to nurture, inspire and hence enable all our community to achieve. As a school our values are ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’.

At Bearbrook we promote, follow and uphold British Values which are: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


• To create an ethos of excellent behaviour in school.

• To create a culture of self-discipline – where children know that good behaviour is expected as the norm.

• To ensure that all are treated fairly, shown respect and to promote good relationships.

• To help children take control over their behaviour and be responsible for the consequences of it

• To understand that good citizenship is based upon good behaviour.

• To build a school community which values kindness, care, good humour, good temper, obedience and empathy for others.