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Curriculum Implementation


At Bearbrook we will bring this curriculum to realisation by creating an environment that will allow children to appreciate the creative arts and to have their creative thought challenged. The curriculum is developed so each year group can learn skills that are built upon the following year thus gradually establishing a set of skills for each child. This enables children to develop confidence in performing those skills.


Children’s artwork is displayed for the whole school to see, prompting discussion and appreciation from others. We intend to develop their understanding of the work of artists, craftspeople, and designers from a range of cultures and times and apply this to their work. We value the prospect that this hard work will be honoured by the Arts Award UK organisation in the future due to our ongoing involvement in one of their schemes.


In lessons children will be offered the opportunities to make observations and develop a wide variety of skills. They will receive support in generating ideas, improving imagination and exploring artistic skills required to implement those ideas. In particular during the Create term children will have the opportunity to take part in a whole school art event such as an art exhibition at a local arts centre or a smaller art event within school. Individual artistic effort and talent is valued and this is celebrated in termly awards and certificates.