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At Bearbrook, RE is taught through bi-weekly sessions in order to have our pupils reflect on their individual identity, principles, standards, and how these all shape their lives. During our lessons, the pupils will experience learning through a variety of activities.


The books used during the lessons provide our pupils with a record of their learning and progress and help them gain a better understanding of their beliefs and values. With the help of these materials, our pupils will be able to equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding of their spiritual and moral selves.


When teaching Religious Education, we follow the agreed Buckinghamshire syllabus, SACRE. Within the syllabus, children will be able to show a basic understanding of Christianity and at least one other religion in Key Stage 1, focussing on important people and places, special things, stories and occasions. In Key Stage 2, pupils will show knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other faiths and beliefs, and can explain what difference faith makes in family life. Also, to understand what it means to belong to a religious community and the influence religious faith has on individuals and communities.