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PCSO Visit to the Year 6 children

PCSO (police community support officer) Janine Sinclair and PCSO Andrew White came to visit year 6 on 15th November. They came in to discuss online safety and our digital footprint. The children were shocked to learn about the age restrictions on some of their favourite games and social media sights. They learned about the laws around posting things online, and also looked at some examples of where celebrities had posted things years ago, that has now been dug up and they are having to make apologies for things they posted.


'There's lots in the news and things about famous people, like footballers, having posted bad things online when they were younger and now it's getting them into trouble.' - Year 6 pupil


'I knew there were age restrictions on social media, but it surprised me how many things we shouldn't really be going on. Most stuff said it was okay if our parents had given us permission, but it still made me think about going on some of them.' - Year 6 pupil