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Year 6

Year 6 - 6P Miss Parker & 6S Mr Simmons


Year 6 are learning about


Websites to support learning:


nurture - inspire - achieve

This term Year 6 are learning about


Double, double toil and trouble...



The children will be learning all about William Shakespeare and

using his play Macbeth to create a narrative.

Across the curriculum the children will:

  • Reading for a range of purposes.

  • Increasing their familiarity with a wide range of books.

  • Checking for sense.

  • Discussing their understanding and exploring the meaning of

      words in context.

  • Inferring of characters feelings and emotions.  

  • Describing settings, characters and atmosphere.

  • Distinguishing between statements of fact and opinion.

  • Retrieving, record and present information from non-fiction.

  • Participating in discussions about books that are read to them.


They will be:

  • selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, understanding how such choices can change and enhance meaning

  • in narratives, describing settings, characters and atmosphere and integrating dialogue to convey character and advance the action

  • précising longer passages

  • using a wide range of devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs

  • using further organisational and presentational devices to structure text and to guide the reader [for example, headings, bullet points, underlining]

  • asking questions to improve their understanding

  • drawing inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence 


Speaking and listening, word and sentence structure remain an ongoing skill that is developed through all literacy lessons. Similarly VCOP is continuously used throughout the children’s writing.

Children on a daily basis will be undertaking guided reading sessions.



  • Calculating using fractions, decimals and percentages. 

  • revising a range of different aspects of Maths in preparation for SATs.



We are having a Science week from Monday 12th March to Friday 16th March.


There will be a visitor coming in from Network Rail. 



  • Select use and combine a variety of software including internet services. Range of devices.

  • E-safety- teaching the children about keeping safe on the internet and other devices.



  • Children can take part and support their peers in challenging and adventurous activities. ​


Shakespeare Project

The children are going to be creating their own project based upon an aspect of William Shakespeare.


They are choosing from the following topics: 

   1. Case study of a play

   2. life of William Shakespeare

   3. Tudor London

   4. The Globe Theatre

   5. Monarchs of the time

   6. Stratford- Upon- Avon

   7. Sonnets

   8. Modern adaptations

   9. Health and medicine

   10. Tudor crime and punishment. 

They have got to include the the following within their project:

   1. Timeline

   2. An extended piece of writing

   3. Some statistics

   4. A piece of art work

   5. A persuasive poster