Year 5 -  5B (Mrs Burgess), 5H (Mrs Hall) and 5S (Miss Spencer)

Time & Space



Creating a piece of Science fiction writing


  • Investigate unfamiliar, technical words

  • Use art to develop understanding of mood.

  • Develop character empathy through indepth investigation of character actions and emotions (drama/ role play)

  • Understand and adapt the chronology of a piece of writing

  • Investigate features of narrative writing


Create a discussion/ persuasive piece of writing



  • Recognise and understand the distinction between the persuasive presentation of a particular view and the discursive presentation of a balanced argument.

  • First explore orally and then write a balanced report of a controversial issue



  • Orally and in writing, construct effective persuasive arguments:

  • Overall, participate in whole class debates using the conventions and language of debate

Create a non-chronological report (Topic)

  • Children will apply scientific knowledge and understanding to their writing

  • Compile facts and statistics to support their writing.



  • Describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system.

  • Describe the movement of the moon relative to the Earth

  • Describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as approximately spherical bodies

  • Use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across




  • collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information


  • History of space travel and discovery- moon landing etc.




  • Identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, equator etc and time zones (including day and night)



The children are going to be focusing on surrealism and will apply to their own pieces of artwork.

They will: 


  • Use experiences and other subjects across the curriculum and ideas as inspiration for artwork




  • Planets- Holst

  • African drumming




  • Games skills: Team Games/Ball skills




  • Social responsibilities in scientific development.

  • Dilemma, questioning their own decisions. 

  • Space travel- what is right and wrong. (following death of Virgin space crew)

  • Willingness to participate in group situations- working well with others.

  • Implications of life on other planets- How would this impact on our/ their lived and cultures.  



  • Interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs and use these to solve problems.

  • Calculate and interpret the mean as an average.


This term Year 5 are learning about