This week Pre-school 2 year olds are learning about

Supporting your child’ speech development


One of the things we find parents are most often concerned about is their child’s speech development. Communication and language is also one of the areas that it is so important that adults support to develop.


In preschool we spend lots of our time supporting children’s communication development. Some of the ways we do this are: 

                                  Focusing on their listening and attention first.

                                  We use a child's name to gain their attention and remember that children have short                                           attention spans.

                                 We try to ensure there are minimal distractions when we are working on this.


When you are at home consider what is happening in the background before spending time with your child.


At home you could:

                                Share a book

                                Sing songs and use actions or signs (Makaton) to support their understanding.

                                Take time to listen and respond at the child's level. For example if a child is using single                                     words such as car we would perhaps respond red car or fast car.

                                Playing alongside the children commenting on their play.introducing and reinforcing                                           language.


Below is a link to the Bucks speech therapy website. It contains lots of fun ways to support your childs communication and language. It also has a feature where you can check your child’s progress with ideas of what to do if you have any concerns.

We will be printing with our feet. This will provide an opportunity to model and extend language, to compare sizes, and taking our shoes and socks off will develop independence skills.


Music and musical instruments is proving a favourite with many of our children so we will be using this to develop physical skills, listening skills and explore musical instruments beginning to develop rhythm.


The morning children will be taking a walk exploring the woodland area. The afternoon children really enjoyed this last week and found lots to see and talk about.


Our song of the week will be

“Heads, Shoulders knees and Toes” this will help the children learn the parts of their bodies as well as develop physical co-ordination.


Cheese Scones will be our recipe of the week. Once the children have helped to bake they can share them at the snack table and hopefully there will be some to bring home too.

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